Mon, November 20
12:00 am
History Talks At Henderson House: Prairie Wildflowers

1:30 am
Classic Arts Showcase

5:00 am
Classic Arts Showcase

8:00 am
Amazing Plants

8:50 am
Driving Modern Roundabouts

9:00 am
Schmidt House History Talks: The History of KGY Radio

10:00 am
Classic Arts Showcase

12:00 pm
Schmidt House History Talks: Historic Sites of Thurston County, Part 2

1:00 pm
History Talks At Henderson House: Ants: A Frontier of Fascination

4:00 pm
NASA Connect:

4:30 pm
NASA Sci-Files

5:30 pm
Destination Tomorrow

7:00 pm
Classic Arts Showcase

9:00 pm
Washington Center 2017-18 Season PSA

9:15 pm
Building Green: A Success Story in Philadelphia