Tue, July 25
12:00 am
History Talks at the Henderson House: Fort Nisqually Microcosm of Culture

1:30 am
Classic Arts Showcase

5:00 am
Classic Arts Showcase

8:00 am
Tumwater City Council Meeting: July 18, 2017

10:35 am
City of Tumwater Independence Day Parade 2017

12:30 pm
Magna Carta

12:55 pm
TED Talks: Science is for everyone kids included

1:10 pm
TED Talks: New video technology that reveals an object's hidden properties

1:30 pm
Schmidt House History Talks: Columbus Day Storm

2:30 pm
History Talks At Henderson House: Preserving the Recent Past

3:25 pm
TED Talks: The jobs we'll lose to machines and the ones we won't

4:00 pm
NASA Connect

4:30 pm
NASA Sci-Files

5:30 pm
Destination Tomorrow

7:00 pm
Tumwater City Council Meeting: July 18, 2017

9:35 pm
Incredible Flying Jet Packs